Cassiopeian Wars


The owls have started hooting and the war bell has rung. Techfest 2014 unveils the combat created in the celestial colosseum - Cassiopeian Wars - battle of the bots.

Cassiopeia, a constellation in the northern sky, named after the queen Cassiopeia in Greek mythology, is recognized mainly due to its distinctive 'W' shape formed by five bright stars. So is the Indian Empire with its five capitals of the kingdoms as follows:

Northern kingdom - Noida
Western kingdom - Mumbai
Central kingdom - Indore
Southern kingdom - Hyderabad
Eastern kingdom - Bhubaneswar

Techfest calls forth all the tech adept for the battle of these five kingdoms to testify the complot of ministers, mettle of warriors and endurance of their cavalry troops:

  1. Line Following
  2. Mechanical
  3. Programming

Each part of the cavalry will fight three battles at their capital. The best three Polemarchos (Warlords) from the Line Following battle along with best three Strategos (Military General) from Mechanical fight and three Hipparchus (Cavalry officer) from Programming will lead three troops respectively. These nine troops shall form the army of that respective kingdom and take part in the Cassiopeian Wars Finale to be held at Techfest, IIT Bombay.
To achieve glory, these troops will raze each other to become the brightest star of Cassiopeia.

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