It's not the size of the man in the's the size of the fight in the man.
- Darryl

Anybody can hold the helm when the sea is calm but at this Techfest, you will witness a sea full of competitions, which polishes and brings out knowledge, skills and determination within you. With the fields for competitions this year ranging from sustainability and design to advanced robotics to events based on pure sciences, Techfest has something in store for everyone. Yes, the time has come when you can prove to the world that you have it in you. No legacy is as rich as that of Competitions at Techfest and we invite all of you to be a part of it. Get ready for the ultimate challenges awaiting you! .

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International Challenge

Boundaries do not exist

Cassiopeian Wars

Battle of the bots


Build all those robots which always fancied you as a kid!


Unveil a new dimension of thinking!

Xtreme Machines

Where machines brawl in destructive manner.

Code Master

Codes and not Words are swords now!!!


Design is how it works

Inter IIT Tech Meet

A pan-IIT technical extravaganza

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