It's not the size of the man in the's the size of the fight in the man.
- Darryl

Existence of competition still boils the blood when served with the principle of divide and rule. With the advancement in technology, the ways of warfare have changed accordingly from stones and swords to ammunition while the avidity of humans to conquer the throne is still the same. Come, witness and get an experience of the clash between the advanced technological automated robots prevailing over their foes for prestige in battle field of Techfest 2014 in the month of January under the dome of competitions.

Inviting colleges to compete for huge cash prizes and set their preeminence by defeating their opponents, Competitions is an annular rendezvous of tech-enthusiasts.

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International Challenge

Boundaries do not exist

Cassiopeian Wars

Battle of the bots


Build all those robots which always fancied you as a kid!


Unveil a new dimension of thinking!

Xtreme Machines

Where machines brawl in destructive manner.

Code Master

Codes and not Words are swords now!!!


Design is how it works

Inter IIT Tech Meet

A pan-IIT technical extravaganza

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