"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
- Arthur C. Clarke

In the quest of endeavoring new dimensions of the world, mankind has never put its swords down.In the journey, many ordinary thought the world to be obvious and there were very few who questioned this obvious and opened up the new dimension of science in the quest of existence.The path was not very easy for those who tried to take us closer to the answer.Some were slaughtered and some were prisoned for life but shall be remembered forever for their contribution.

Techfest is in search for these people who will unveil a new dimension of thinking to solve questions that are still unanswered.Come and participate to show the world that you have content that shall be remembered for centuries.

Hydranoid: Rush

When adrenaline rush isn't enough to push it through!

Cassiopeian Wars - Apexo

Raise high or get crushed.

Techfest Automotive Challange

Designing is more exciting than driving!


The domino effect can change the course of the world.


Where leaning towers aren't just monuments!

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