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The journey never ends just as you become a pro from a rookie. So whats waiting next? When the best in the country tackle to settle who is better in the gamble, we say that is the perfect display of metal. And yes thats what happens at Techfest gaming zone. With breathtaking display of e-game skills by gaming enthusiasts from across India, gaming zone gives you exactly what each and every gaming punter would like to see. Fierce competition, some spill stopping skills and yes a lot of risk finally frisks the better from the pool of best. So before it says game over get your eyes and hands all over so that you beat the rest and claim to be the best.

There is no registration fees for the event.

Registration ends on 2nd January at 1200 hrs

For further queries, contact:

Sashank Konete
Manager, Techfest
Ph. +91 809 777 2042
Adit Kabra
Coordinator, Gaming Zone
Ph. +91 976 947 9850