"It is not enough to just ride the earth. You have to aim higher, try to take off, even fly. It is our duty."
- Jose Yacopi

First thought of as an impossible idea, with the hovering and cylindrical shape, hovercrafts are now viewed as the replacement of cars. An eclectic fusion of aeromodelling and robotics, Techfest calls forth you to model a vehicle that combines the best of a line follower with the freedom of an aircraft. Tweak mechanisms and components; make them work in perfect symphony and transcend from concept to reality.

It is time that we develop and get used to this technology so that when there is the next industrial revolution, we will be ready to adapt to the changes as for the next industrial revolution is not far and with it, we surely witness a complete change in present technologies that we know as of now in the present.

  • Team must build an autonomous hovercraft to traverse through the arena using line following mechanism.

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Email ID for submitting the abstracts and the video: competitions@techfest.org
Deadline: Abstract submission for teams requiring accommodation: 20th November, 2013


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