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International Exhibits

Being one of the largest exhibition in India which brings in exhibits of such broad genres from all over the world under one roof, this will undoubtedly be the most mesmerizing experience for anyone irrespective of age and interests. This unique collection of world's most advanced and recent technologies and researches will leave you astounded. It has everything: artificial intelligence based robots, robots that can dance on your directions, robots specializing in disaster management, autonomous flying bots and many more, you will come to know genres and applications in robotics that you would have never even imagined. This segment had robots built in the most advanced research facilities of universities and organizations like ETH Zurich, EPFL Switzerland, RMIT Australia, Osaka University, Aldebran robotics, Hanson Robotics among many others.

But that's not it, this year brings in with it one of the most interactive installations from countries like USA, Hong Kong, Japan and India. With the aim to interact with the crowd directly and allow them to experience these technologies themselves, these exhibits would prove to be most interesting and experience intensive one. The variety of genres and experience that each and every exhibit has to offer you will leave you mesmerized and with an unforgettable experience.


World's most advanced social robot, USA


Electric Unicycle, USA


3D printable humanoid robot, USA


Robosoccer humanoids, Germany

NAO Robot

Aldebaran Robotics, France

Jack and Matilda

Social Robots, Australia

Soft Robot Technology

QB Robotics SRL and University of Pisa, Italy


Metal Mate


ETH Zurich, Switzerland


Flying Insect Robot, LIS, EPFL Switzerland

Ideea Lab

Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

Overtaxed Surface

Koln International School of Design, Germany

BGU Robotics Lab

BGU University, Israel

Re:Sound Bottle

Tama Art University, Japan

Transform Energy

Waseda University, Japan






Robotic Ball, Orbotix, USA

Children's Technology Workshop


Laproscopy Trainer

Maeda Lab, Osaka University, Japan

Eye Gazer

University of Cambridge, UK


Exertion Games Lab, RMIT University Australia


Robosoft Systems

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