"Robots are interesting because they exist as a real technology that you can really study."
- Daniel H. Wilson.

A competition can never be fair. One uses all the means available to reach to that final goal of victory which everyone dreams of. So, it is not just winning anymore but how you win one. Crush your competitors and hold the victory cup that is within your hand’s reach.

With time, we should learn how to rise, grow strong and face our enemies. There will always be someone or the other that would be at an advantageous situation than us. This should never create a disappointment but always create a spark to be the best. Rise above all and reach the goal of victory.

Just with your hand gestures, you can own and rule the world. Aspire and achieve it.

1st position :- MG 1183
2nd position :- MG 1283
3rd position :- MG 1184

  • Teams must build a wireless controlled machine that is controlled solely by wrist movement.
  • Teams have to transfer the balls to opponent’s arena to earn maximum points.

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Deadline: Abstract submission for teams requiring accommodation: 20th November, 2013


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