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On The Spot Competitions

Ozone on the spot competitions will offer you a chance to challenge your friends in entertaining yet difficult games.

Open for all, these competitions will surely bring out the best in you. Scroll down to know about the challenging but fun activities we have planned for you.

And needless to say, also on offer will be amazing prizes with loads of entertainment!!!

Junkyard Wars

Mould scrap to your creative imagination.

Puzzle Mania

Wreck your mind at amazing puzzles

Chess Championship

Guide you chessmen to win the battle of Techfest!


Be the literati among the crowd.

All In Poker

The stakes will be high this January.


Test your mental skill and strategy at the game of Jenga

Cube Mania

Are you the best at the world's top selling game?

Techfest's Fittest

The crown for the fittest person is there for the taking!

For further queries, contact:

Bhavik Jain
Manager, Techfest
Ph. +91 773 892 6831
Sanket Fulpatil
Manager, Techfest
Ph. +91 898 313 1495
Shreyans Jain
Manager, Techfest
Ph. +91 996 734 9180