"Unfortunately robots capable of manufacturing robots do not exist. That would be the philosopher's stone, the squaring of the circle."
- Ernst J√ľnger

Evolution is a process in which things change into a different and usually more complex or better forms. Over the past few decades, we have got used to luxuries and comforts that weren't dreamt a century ago. Yet despite these successes, robots have failed to live up to the predictions of the 1950s and 60s, when it was widely thought by scientists as well as the public that we would have intelligent robots as butlers, companions or co-workers by now.

For all you robotics zealots who crave to be a part of this revolution, Techfest brings to you Robotron, a perfect platform for the recognition and appreciation of ideas. Gather all the wires and metals, for this is your chance to build all those robots which always fancied you as a kid.


An opportunity to prove your prowess at an international level.

Cassiopeian Wars - Grid Warrior

Follow the coloured path to the Cassiopeian throne.


A fist and a wrist can do it all!

Polaroid: Puzzle of Pixels

A message without code.


Hover over the world!


Making a bot in a school is super cool!

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