I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.
- Walt Disney

As the sun sets, the lavish open air theatre of IIT Bombay is filled with visitors from all across the world waiting to get amused by some breathtaking performances. After a full day of energy-sapping events, Technoholix acts as a perfect opportunity for the audience to rejuvenate and enjoy astounding performances. Technoholix brings forth a perfect blend of science and technology filled with pure entertainment providing a visual feast for the audience.

Over the years Technoholix has grown to a level where incredible acts and stunning shows have left the audience spell bound and craving for more. In its previous editions, it has witnessed Pep Bou, world renowned bubble artist; the Pa-li-Tchi fire dancers and pyrotechnicians; Luxy boyz, Asia’s only robot dance show; Mark Nizer, world’s best juggler; Lords of Gravity, the finest slam dunk basketball team and Copenhagen Drummers, the winners of ‘Denmark’s Got Talent’ performing at its stage.

Policy for attending Technoholix: There is no registration or fees required to attend Technoholix at Techfest. You are only required to carry a valid Photo ID card along with you.

Please contact us for more details.

  • June- The immersive musical

    An immersive musical using 3D projection mapping set to create an all new experience of the futuristic theatrical shows.

  • Charles Peachock

    Two time gold medalist and world champion juggler will create a new, unprecedented approach to world-class juggling as an art form

  • Siro-A

    A revolution in live entertainment,fusing mime, groundbreaking visual effects and an electro soundtrack to create a mind-blowing theatrical experience

  • Wheel Sensation

    Performers executing a virtually infinite number of acrobatic figures, each more complex and awe-inspiring than the last which create a spectacular and expressive show

  • Cait Lin

    Defying the tradition of classical-crossover closely associated with the electric violin and experimenting with pop, rock and international club house

  • Tararam

    An exciting and inspiring theatrical, musical and dance experience with artists versatile in their abilities to give the audience an unique and unforgettable experience

For further queries, contact:

Ashish Agrawal
Manager, Techfest
Ph. +91 989 274 8919
Siva Chaitanya
Manager, Techfest
Ph. +91 773 898 3660