Techfest International Coding Challenge      presented byMicrosoft


"When someone says: ‘I want a programming language in which I need only say what I wish done’, give him a lollipop."
- Alan J. Perlis

It was never just ‘1’s and ‘0’s. It is with these ‘1’s and ‘0’s that technology is taking such rapid strides forward at such a blurring pace that the so-called-‘dumbos’ computers occupy every modern field of engineering and life. Techfest brings you an opportunity to use your logics, clarity of thought and creativity and enter the matrix.

So Code! Compile! Ship!
To participate in the event visit : here

Teams are required to solve the real life problems through coding. Programming skills of participants would be tested.
Date of the event: 26th October. 9:00 PM IST

The competition will be hosted on
You need to be registered on Code Chef to compete. In case you are not already registered you may register at: and then follow the link to the contest page given above.