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Participants are advised to note the following points about the security at IIT Bombay during Techfest 2014.

  1. Entry will be only through the 'Main Gate' of IIT Bombay, entry through other gates will not be permitted.
  2. All participants/visitors must carry their photo ID card. People without valid photo identity card will not be allowed inside the campus during Techfest 2014.
  3. You will be registered at the main gate and will be provided with a Techfest identity card. This identity card must be carried at all times.
  4. Alcohol, drugs, sharp objects and explosives of any kind are strictly prohibited inside the campus. Any other item if deemed unsafe will be prohibited.
  5. Participants shortlisted for accommodation must bring authorization letters mailed to participants.
  6. Visitors of Techfest 2014 will not be allowed to bring their vehicle beyond the main gate.
  7. Students who have not completed 10th standard are not allowed without parental or faculty guidance.
  8. No pre-registration is required for Lecture Series, Exhibitions, Technoholix or Ozone events.
  9. The following rules should be followed for Technoholix Night Shows and Lecture Series for entry into the Student Activity Centre:
    • Bags, valuables & heavy luggage are to be deposited at the Cloak room which they can get back after the Technoholix night. Organizers are not responsible for loss or damage to personal belongings.
      • Cloak room will be situated at Old Swimming Pool.
      • There will be separate lines for Boys and Girls
      • For Girls: They should deposit Bags, valuables & heavy luggage before entering the line.
      • For Boys: They should Join the Technoholix line along with their baggage, which they can deposit at cloak room before entering to the Technoholix night.
    • Bottles, helmets, cosmetics, cigarettes and other sharp objects (chains, rings, combs, pens etc) will be confiscated at the venue to reduce security risk.
    • No photographic equipment is allowed. No outside food or drinks is permitted inside.
    • Consumption of alcohol or illegal substances is strictly prohibited. Techfest authorities reserve the right to deny entry to people under the influence of alcohol/intoxicants