As the day nears its close, the streets that were otherwise witness to some of the fiercest rivalries from geeks around the nation suddenly fill with an aura of excitement over the promise of world class entertainment. Technoholix acts as the perfect opportunity for an audience of 10,000 to rejuvenate by bringing forth a perfect blend of science, technology and entertainment. It has hosted pyrotechnics, laser shows, tron dance, magic, UV light shows, acrobatics and even virtual 3D holographic displays. Justifying its name, Technoholix promises to fill the veins of the audience with adrenaline and leave a look of awe on the faces of thousands.

About Entry:

Direct entry will be given to students with IITB identity card or valid accommodation identity during festival. Entry passes for others will be available in cloak room of SAC from 1 PM everyday.

Policy for attending Technoholix:

There is no registration or fees required to attend the technoholix at Techfest. You are required to carry a valid photo ID card along with you.