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Techfest Green Campus Challenge | an effort today for a greener tommorrow

"Each and every one of us can make changes in the way we live our lives and become part of the solution" - Al Gore

Born with a vision to make every campus in India sustainable, green and eco-friendly and educate the youth about the importance of sustainable development, Techfest Green Campus Challenge is a first of its kind initiative in India by Techfest 2013, IIT Bombay.

  • Join the Challenge

    Form a new team or join the existing one from your college and make your college the most green and sustainable campus in India

    Sign up your campus
  • Do Tasks

    Choose tasks of your choice and execute them. You are not limited to the projects on the list, suggest a new project if not on the list. Unleash your creativity and have fun

    See the Tasks List
  • Tell your friends

    Share it with your friends, involve more people and make the campaign bigger. Larger the span of awareness more is the success to your efforts

  • Resources View our FAQs

Techfest Green Campus Challenge

Every year Techfest takes social initiatives to play its part as youth organization in generating awareness and developing an inclination of youth population towards the current social problems "Green Campus Challenge" is such an initiative to involve people in Sustainable Development.

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TGCC Domains

  • Energy

    Energy is the most basic need of any organism. We are utilizing every kind of resources available to fulfil our ever increasing demand. There is an acute need of solutions through which we could fulfil our demands without relentlessly harming our environment.

  • Climate and Air

    The deterioration in the quality of air we breathe and the erratic climate patterns has had catastrophic implications on natural flora and fauna including humans. There is an immediate need of solutions and planning to prevent this condition from becoming a catastrophe.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability is being considered the ultimate solution to our current problems. Its high time we realize the need to set limits and regulate the use of natural resources to ensure safe existence of our coming generations without hindering our growth and development.

  • Social Outreach

    Making planet greener, moving towards sustainability,saving the planet - these are mammoth responsibilities which can not be carried forward by an individual. To save our planet the efforts should be from our entire community and there should be a collective initiative.

  • Green

    Going green has taken bigger dimensions than ever.It is not just about planting trees ,it's about establishing a balance among the complex cycles of nature ,decreasing greenhouse gas emissions ,cleaner air ,preserving habitats of various bio diversities and much more.

  • Food

    The most basic need of humans which defines the mere existence of an individual and his contribution to the society. There is need to achieve food sustainability to fulfil demands of outbursting population. Food sustainability thus becomes indispensable.

  • Waste

    With new products and consumables being produced every day, modernization in society and availability of everything as packed materials, amount of waste generated has risen to alarming levels. We need to find alternates and serious steps to curb this condition.

  • Bio-diversity and Land Management

    One of the gravest issues we deal with is deterioration of biodiversity and land. Co-existence is basic phenomena and land the most basic resource.

  • Soical Media

    With such a responsible task of making the planet better place to live, there is no way through which an individual could achieve this. The message needs to be spread among masses for which media is one of the most primary ways to involve everyone in saving our planet.

  • Water

    Its ironic how the majority of planet is water but there are countries in the world where water is the most scarce natural resource. With the increase in wastage and level of pollution, the condition has worsened. We desperately need solutions to deal with this situation.

  • Design and Creatives

    Visual impact is incomparable to any other form of communication to masses. It's very important that people realize the importance of making planet more sustainable and greener. It is the best way to outreach people and involve more and more people into the cause.