About the Campaign

Save the souls aims to stop the inhumane testing of dogs in laboratories.Today, strong scientific evidence has proved that dogs have added no value to toxicity testing of drugs. On an ethical front, neuro scientists have proved with fMRI data that dogs are as sentient as a human child. We believe so too. The campaign will include a digital petition to garner a minimum of 100,000 signatures and present the same with our petition to the DRUG CONTROLLER GENERAL OF INDIA, with a hope to amend the archaic Indian laws that necessitate the use of dogs in toxicity testing.

We are also concerned about our dogs on our streets. The campaign will also include a vaccination drive for street dogs and implementation of safety neck collars on them so as to protect them from road accidents. Considering statistics, the death of stray animals due to road accidents tips higher than their deaths due to illness or other reasons. We, therefore, pledge to help prevent road accidents of these silent souls, to the extent possible.

Sound of Silence

Awareness and knowledge are the key players in change and nothing is as constant as change!. Social evils have been eradicated when enlightened societies cried out in one voice to abolish social evils, that included sati, child marriage and female foeticide. But nothing has changed for the animals-the voiceless and the defenceless. Over 200,000 dogs die each year in laboratories across the world in bitter anguish.

Indian laws that necessitate the use of dogs in testing are archaic and must be revised /revoked in keeping with the recent and scientific evidence that has proved that the dog test is both unscientific and unethical. Hence we are launching an online signature campaign which will involve the signing of a petition to stop the use of dogs in testing. The laboratory you will agree is no place for "MAN'S BEST FRIEND"

Our target is to get 100,000 petitions signed only by Indian public and present the same with our petition to the concerned authorities in the Indian Government. Online events also include publicity via twitter handles
#SoS #SavetheSouls #SoundofSilence

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"The SOUND OF SILENCE campaign runs in memory of Betty , Benjy and Bartholamew – three beagles who in stoic silence endured and battled the pain of testing for eleven long years in a laboratory in India – to tell us their tale of silent suffering – We salute them and thank them for bringing a nation together to free them beagles all. Yes, Indeed the Sound of Silence !"




Our Supporters

"It pains me and I am sure it would pain every compassionate citizen of India to know about the suffering the beagles endure in laboratories . A needless and inhumane exercise. We must join forces . I urge every citizen of India , to join the Sound of Silence Campaign and sign the petition . Together we can stop this horrific cruelty dogs endure for the sake of humankind"
- ANJU MAHENDRU - Celebrity and Actress

"I abhor the use of dogs in testing . Yes , a dog is no less than a child . I am glad scientists have reckoned with this truth finally. The use of these adorable beagles or any dog in a lab is inhumane . We don't need this futile exercise to prove how or when pesticides are safe for man . No other species can represent the other . Please India - lets cry out in one voice - let our battle cry be " Stop the abuse and use of dogs in testing. Let every cage be opened . and let every beagle be set free. I call upon every Indian citizen to join the 'Sound of Silence' Campaign and sign the petition .
- GAUTAM GROVER - Animal Rights Activist .New Delhi.